Osric Micolai

Basic Information

Oh, yes! Of course! The ghost orchids… —Osric Micolai

Osric Micolai is Sparseshadow’s most recent practitioner, after the initial disappearance of former practitioner Jericho Sarhadeus (now officially deceased). Osric’s main duty as a practitioner is to gather real-world experience by helping the citizens of Sparseshadow with his studies of the arcane.

Discovery of an Ancient Tomb

Osric is partially credited with the discovery of an ancient tomb belonging to a mage named Sigmund Artizar. The burial ground was positioned directly beneath the manor of Jericho Sarhadeus (the initial discoverer who later died in the chambers leading up to the actual tomb). After the initial excavation, Osric also translated a series of panels depicting a story about a mage and a white tower.

Notable Works

Osric Micolai

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