Otto Matopoeia

“That man that hath a tongue, I say is no man,
If with his tongue he cannot win a woman.”

Otto is a smarmy bard with a love for drinking. He has been known to perform tricks and songs at the local bars ever since they let him in. He was born from a mother whom worked the streets and a father whom he never knew. He quickly picked up singing and playing instruments to cope with all of the racket and commotion in his house. He toured with the band of miscreants known as ‘The Gyrating Gentlemen" going from port to port getting thrown out of bars almost everywhere they went due to not paying their tab. The band split after their lead lute player ,’Hugh (G.) Sack’ decided to elope with a male half-orc from the Earthbasher Clan and was never heard from again. Otto has now set off on an adventure where he hopes nobody will recognize him as ‘Hang Low’, his anatomically correct stage handle.

Otto previously resided in the city of Belborough, in the southern plains of Marsadova.

Notable Achievements

  • Banned from most major bars in Belborough (The Steel Cardigan, The Hydra Den, Planet of the Grapes)
  • Formed a local band called the “Gyrating Gentlemen”
  • Partially credited with the discovery of an ancient tomb in Sparseshadow.

Otto Matopoeia

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